Nigeria’s insecurity becoming uncontrollable – Islamic leaders


The Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) on Thursday warned that insecurity in Nigeria may become uncontrollable.

The body urged the Federal Government and the States to take concrete actions against enemies.

A statement by the Secretary-General, Khalid Aliyu told the authorities to immediately take control of forests and swampy areas occupied by outlaws.

The Islamic leaders also demanded the arrest and prosecution of all criminals and gangs.

“Proactive measures should be taken in nipping the situations from the bud, before becoming uncontrollable.

“We advise the governments to strategise and bring an end to orgies of killings; desperate situations need desperate measures,” he said.

JNI further called for the identification and trial of the “unknown gunmen” terrorizing the South-East.

For the region, they suggested the constitution of a joint task force to stem the rising tide of killings.

“Governments at all levels should act beyond mere verbal condemnations on security related matters,” he added.

The statement stressed that the spate of the horrendous butchering of human lives must be halted.