5 fashion trends every lady must identify with in 2021


With the ongoing pandemic, there’s little desire to fill your closet with clothes that you might not wear or may not be trendy in six months.

Also, the future is still uncertain as many continue to work from home with virtual meeting as the go-to for most companies.

Therefore, your fashion choices must be guided only by the essentials to achieve that fashionable look despite the pandemic.

Fashion experts have listed the following as staples for a 2021 style twist.


It’s not a surprise that the biggest accessory trend of 2021 will be masked since you need them while out.

You need them to achieve that classy look yet keeping yourself safe. So, don’t hesitate to invest in both high-quality, breathable fabrics as well as masks you simply find attractive now that we’re in it for the long haul.



Crochet is a standout design detail you definitely want to rock in 2021. Texture was all over last year’s collections. A crochet top or dress perfectly bridges the gap between something more structured, while still being easy and cozy.


Statement sleeves will have their moment in 2021, according to fashion experts. There will be big-shouldered, 1980s-style sleeves and sleeves adorned with oversized ruffles.

This adds warmth and style to your outfit effortlessly.



Matching velour tracksuits were everywhere in the early 2000s, and some stylists think the athleisure style is about to rise from the dead. But the tracksuit designs of 2021 may embrace materials other than velour, such as silk, satin, or knits.



Flatforms are stacked platform heels that have an even rise from back to front which provides the perfect mix of style and comfort.

Style experts add that other comfortable shoe styles, like mules and slip-ons, will also continue to be popular.



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