5 foods you can cook with less than 1k


Even though times are harsh and many people, particularly in Nigeria, cannot afford to eat well, I believe you can create a really tasty and healthy meal for less than 1000 naira, and I will show you how in this post.

Many individuals face difficulties in every country, especially in Nigeria, and as a result, some are unable to eat nutritious food owing to the high cost of living. Many people only remember to make a good meal when they have enough money. However, in this article, I will show you how to manage your money and consume nutritious foods without breaking the bank.

Without spending much time, here are five sufficient and nourishing foods you may make for only 1000 naira.

  1.  Okro Soup

This is a beautiful, simple meal that can be made with less than 1000. The list below is one way to make a tasty dish of okra (or okro).

Okro – N100

Pumpkin Leaves N100

Beef – N300

Crayfish (100)

Palm oil N200

Fresh pepper N50

Salt – N50

Seasoning cubes N50


  1.  Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is a filling meal high in vitamins and other critical minerals. It goes well with rice, yam, and garri. Discover how to prepare vegetable soup with 1000.

Green leaf – N100

Pumpkin leaf – N150

Palm oil – N200

Beef or assorted meat – N400

Salt – N50

Fresh pepper – N50

Seasoning cube – N50


  1. Oil Rice.

Because it requires combining all of the ingredients at once, some people name this dish “concoction rice.” It’s extremely simple to make and delightful to eat. These are the items needed to produce oil rice.

Palm oil – N200

Rice (2 cups) – N300

Fresh Fish – N250

Seasoning cube – N50

Tomatoes and pepper – N150

Salt – N50


  1. Spaghetti.

Get 1 Spaghetti N450, N200 fish, a few spices, and a little tomato paste, and cook as Jollof.


  1. Beans and gaari

This meal is quite popular among men since they enjoy it. This might be because it is substantial and a plate of this meal can last you all day. Here are the ingredients to cook this delicious meal.

1 Derika beans – N500

Palm oil – N200

Seasoning Cube – N50

Salt – N50

Ground pepper – N50

Garri N100

Pure Water N50



As you can see, the five dishes listed above are proper foods that you can prepare for less than 1000 naira; all you have to do is purchase the necessary items and prepare your delicious meal. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a wonderful meal; good and affordable meals can only be made if you know how to manage them. And you dont have to use all the salt and seasoning to make the meal.