5 superfood you must eat to maintain a healthy vagina


It’s common knowledge that certain foods can help you perform better in the bedroom, as also foods that can turn your partner off.

However, maintaining healthy vaginal health is as important too, not just for happy sex life, but also to prevent you from contracting infections.

Having an unbalanced pH gives a weird sickly feeling down there, like with a new odour or more-than-usual discharge.

A balanced vaginal pH needs to stay in the range of 3.8 to 4.5 and if it strays out of balance for too long, bacteria has a chance to thrive and cause damages.

Do not fret! Even though your vagina is pretty good at cleaning itself, proper vaginal care, such as good diet, good hygiene, safe sex play a role in keeping your pH in check.

Among the proper vaginal care, Food is the easiest way to promote health below the belt and below are five superfoods to help keep your lady parts happy and healthy:


Sweet potatoes have Vitamin A, which helps in building stronger, healthier vaginal walls, reducing the risk of miscarriage during pregnancies. They are also a good source of magnesium, which reduces inflammation in blood vessels, improving blood circulation and reducing bodily stress, putting you in a better mood for sex.



Garlic is a tender lover to your lady parts because it helps fight infections, preventing the growth of yeast inside your Vee-Vee, keeping it healthy and smiling. Do not hesitate to add garlic your food, it’s your best friend ladies…..Wink!


Spinach is working wonder for your sex life. It is rich in Magnesium, which helps reduce inflammation in blood vessels, which in turn increases the flow of blood to the extremities, including your nether regions. An increase in blood flow to the vagina, leads to better arousal, making sex more pleasurable. This is one vegetable which works both for her and for him- women find it easier to orgasm, men find it easier to become erect.



Nuts are rich in Vitamin E, which promotes stronger vaginal walls. Vitamin E found in nuts like almonds, peanuts and walnuts help fight dryness, by keeping the mucous glands in the vaginal wall functioning, which in turn is great for sex.



This is the most important in any diet because we need to stay hydrated, as all our bodily functions take place in a liquid medium. It’s important to drink enough water to facilitate the self-cleaning system of the vagina as well. Optimal water intake helps keep the area lubricated, releases secretions and maintains the PH balance of the vaginal tissue