Banditry attacks ploy to stop southern politicians- PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Head of New Media, Anthony Ehilebo, has condemned the bandits’ attack on a train between Katari and Rijani train station along the Kaduna-Abuja route.

Ehilebo suggested that the attack could have been a ploy to prevent southern politicians from participating in national politics.

Speaking , the Abuja-based lawyer said southern politicians could not order the military to tackle the activities of bandits.

The aspiring Edo State House of Assembly member said southern politicians would be accused of attempting genocide if they call on the military to wipe out banditry.

According to Ehilebo: “I feel this attack is a ploy to keep the southern politicians away from the field of national politics because nobody wants to inherit such a mess.

A southern politician can’t effectively order the Nigeria Police or Nigerian Army to wipe out these guys (bandits); no southern politician can do it; if he tries it, they would say he is committing genocide.

“But if Buhari, a former General who we expect by now to have created even a special military division to wipe out all these guys, it’s okay. What do they need, they need just bikes, off-road vehicles, and they would enter these bushes to do the needful.”