Banditry: US economist, Hanke lambasts ‘sleepy Buhari’


Steve H Hanke, an American applied economist at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States, has taken a swipe at the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration as Nigerians continue to witness an upsurge in insecurity issues across the country.

Hanke, who is one of the Buhari-led administration’s critics, said this in a reaction to the recent attack on a Nigeria Air Force jet by bandits.

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Alpha jet that flew out of base for an assault on Sunday, crashed.

The fighter plane routinely conducts air raids on the Kaduna-Katsina-Zamfara corridor.

It was gathered that the aircraft crashed in Kaduna during an operation after it was attacked by bandits but no casualty was reported.

Reacting, Hanke in a tweet via his Twitter account on Thursday slammed Buhari for allowing bandits to keep terrorizing Nigerian citizens under his watch.

According to him, “Nigeria ranks a terrible 161 out of 162 in security and safety, a report recently released by Caton Institute.

“On the border of the Nigerian state of Kaduna, bandits have shot down a Nigeria Air Force jet.

“Nigeria ranks a terrible 161 out of 162 in security and safety, a report released by Caton Institute reveals.

“Also, under the incompetent leadership of sleepy Buhari bandits act with impunity.”