Blasphemy: CAN demands justice for late Deborah Samuel


The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Samson Ayokunle, on Sunday, said that the Christian body will not rest without adequate justice for the murder of Deborah Samuel.

According to him, the body is making every move to ensure that the perpetrators of the deadly act will not go unpunished

The CAN president stated this on Sunday, during a protest held at the Oritamefa Baptist Church, Total Garden, Ibadan, on Sunday.

According to him, the reason for the protest was because of the recent killing of Deborah and how the perpetrators are yet to be brought to book as well as to put a stop to the killings of Christians in the county.

Oyekunle said they have gathered to unanimously say no to jungle justice, killing of the innocent, as if Nigeria is a banana republic, adding “We are saying that Nigeria is a law-guided society, and for every sin, whether religion or no religion, the constitution of Nigeria is supreme.”

He said the constitution must be brought to bear upon every conduct of all Nigeria, adding that, no religion, henceforth, should be allowed to take laws into their hands, and there must be justice for the people whose lives had been unduly terminated and their dreams perished.