Female Prison Warder Nabbed Having Sex With Male Inmate


The spokesperson of the South Africa National correctional services, Singgabakho Nxumalo, on Wednesday disclosed that a disciplinary committee has suspended a female prison wader who was caught having sex with a prisoner.

Video clips of the incident were spotted on the internet and questions have been raised on how the cellphone the prisoner used to film the sex escapade found its way into the prison.

Nxumalo while speaking with radio 702 noted that more prison officials might be punished if found culpable.

He said, “We have suspended the official involved and we’ve taken disciplinary measures against the inmate.”

“The investigation is much broader than the two people seen on the video because … We need to understand if it is just an isolated incident or if there is more to it and if there are other players.”

“We do not want them [cellphones] in our centres. This is a classic case, a cellphone was used to record this.”

“Cellphones are just one item in the long list of contraband items that are not allowed because they cause harm to the victims outside and used to plan other crimes. They could even order hits on others.”

“It’s completely unpalatable. I don’t think that the nation would deserve to see something like that, captured in video, and you are correct, both of them [were] fully aware they are recording this thing.”

“Sexual activities between inmates and correctional officials are shameful incidents that can never be ascribed to what is expected of our officials. The official involved has been identified and she will be subjected to a disciplinary process with immediate effect.”

“Correctional officials are expected to abide by a code of conduct, and despicable acts of sexual activities with inmates shall never be tolerated. We appeal to those in possession of the video to refrain from disseminating it.”