Gospel singer, Donnie McClurkin opens up on struggle with homosexuality


American gospel artiste, Donnie McClurkin has opened up on his struggle with homosexuality.

The Grammy Award-winning artiste says he believes his struggle over his sexuality will leave him without the family he always dreamed of.

McClurkin had this to say in a recent interview;

“I didn’t know really what a woman wanted. I’ve messed up more than I’ve had good. My past relationships were a sprinkling of everything – men and women.”

He added: “When things get rough I go back into my safe place – my music and my ministry.

“Never having a long-term relationship in my life and never being married, I chalked that up. I will probably be alone for the rest of my life as far as a mate is concerned.”

McClurkin had previously written about his struggles with his attraction to men, blaming his desires on being a victim of child molestation.