Govs raise alarm over plot to kidnap students in 3 states


Governors of Oyo, Ogun, and Ondo states, Seyi Makinde, Dapo Abiodun and Rotimi Akeredolu, respec­tively, have been alerted over plans by terrorist groups to kidnap school children in the three states.

In a letter addressed to the three South West governors, a pan Yoruba group, Apapo Oodua Koya (AOKOYA), said it has received information that the armed terrorists in Oyo, Ogun and Ondo forests are targeting primary and secondary schools in the three states where they plan to ab­duct pupils.

“The terrorists are at pres­ent mapping out their targets in Oyo, Ondo and Ogun states where they are gradually building armed fortresses. The groups are coordinated and linked with the kidnap­pers in Niger, Zamfara and Kaduna states.

“We got the information through credible intelligence. We have the capacity to tap some of the communication of the insurgents usually rendered in Fulfulde. They are planning to kidnap school children in large numbers in any or all of the states men­tioned above.

“They are currently lo­cated at Yewa in Ogun State, they are in Oke-Ogun in Oyo and Idanre-Ondo town axis in Ondo State.

“It is our responsibility to give you information at our disposal. We hope you begin to trust our intelligence be­ginning from two years ago when we warned the South West governors about armed Fulani cells spread across the South West forests.

“If you allow this kidnap­ping to take place, you will be helpless because the security network you have around you are not for you but designed and controlled by enemies of Yoruba nation. The intel­ligence information you re­ceive are largely designed to deceive you because you don’t own the structures.

“You are as vulnerable as a lonely bird on house top. Your future lay in alliance with your own people at this difficult moment in Yoruba history,” AOKOYA said.

The letter signed by Ahmed Akorede on behalf of the Pan Yoruba coalition group urged the South West governors including Lagos, Ekiti, Osun, Kwara, Kogi and Itsekiri to adopt what it called an offensive strategy.”

The group said it is naïve for anyone to believe what is going on has no government support.

“There is a fundamental­ist ring in the government of Nigeria heavily funded by certain individuals in govern­ment and also by two identi­fied Middle East countries. The goal is to make Nigeria the terrorist hub in West Af­rica. Any conscious student of history should know this is possible if nothing is done to stop them.”

The group listed sugges­tions for the South West gov­ernors which included the following, “Identify vulnera­ble institutions and provide an effective architecture. Set up what the military calls ‘Watching Posts’ in all towns and villages across Yoruba land.

“Instead of using state budgets, communities should be mobilised to do this on their own. It will be about 15 feet tall mounted with night vision to locate oncoming at­tacks for immediate security alert.

“The cost is less than N350,000 including the cost of binoculars for night vi­sion and the building of the post which every community should be able to provide.

“Restructure Amotekun through retraining, recruit­ment of more hands to give prominent roles to radical Yoruba self-determination youths.”