How Atiku chased journalists out of Plateau PDP delegate’s meeting causing stampede


Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar on Wednesday barred journalists from a meeting he held with Plateau PDP delegates.

Sources in the party who criticised Atiku, interpreted the former vice president’s action as desperation to clinch the party’s presidential ticket in the forthcoming primary election.

The former Vice President who arrived at the Plateau State PDP Secretariat at about 2pm, was visibly angered by the crowd of journalists.

Shouting fiercely, the presidential aspirant ordered all the journalists out saying he had no business with them.

“I have nothing to do with journalists. I’m here to see delegates”.

Propelled by the anger and frustration of their boss, his aides and security details unleashed an attack on reporters, causing a stampede and damaging the tripod and camera of the Channels Television crew.

Not even the host PDP officials and delegates could calm the visibly fuming aspirant and his entourage and make a case for the journalists who had covered visits to the delegates in the same secretariat by other presidential hopefuls in the past three weeks.

Disappointed party faithful, however, wondered why the former Vice President put up such disappointing conduct during such a critical visit.

According to sources, there are unconfirmed leads that the presidential hopeful is so desperate that he may announce monetary gratification to the delegates before the convention date to swing them to his side, having learnt that the Plateau bloc vote is not meant for him during the primary.

The sources claimed he probably didn’t want the media to get a hint of his plans.