How fans contributed to P-Square break-up- Peter Okoye


Peter Okoye, a Nigerian singer better known as Mr P, says fans contributed to the collapse of Psquare, the now-defunct music group he shared with Paul Okoye, his twin brother.

The spotlight has continued to beam on the twin brothers over their controversial split in 2016.

The duo was said to have parted ways after a disagreement on the role of Jude Okoye, their older brother and immediate past manager.

Following Burna Boy and Wizkid’s triumph at the 2021 Grammy Awards, some fans of the music stars had claimed that they would have also snagged the much-coveted gong if they were still together.

But in an Instagram live session on Sunday, Mr P called out such fans for always singling out the pair for discussion and criticism.

The singer also blamed the constant comparison from fans — over who is better between the duo — as part of the reasons they broke up.

“For those trying to troll us, if it is painful for you, it’s not painful for us. You guys don’t matter anymore. Let me say it openly if you are a P-Square angry fan, you guys don’t matter anymore. It’s not about you guys anymore, it’s about us. Go and deal with your sour,” he said.

“Don’t let me hit on you guys because you guys don’t even deserve it. Because you guys are among the people that contributed to the break-up. Two brothers doing their own thing, you try to say one is better than one. Una don get wetin una want.”

The 39-year-old singer said it is unfortunate such fans have also succeeded in creating such rift between Wizkid and Davido with debates over who is more accomplished between them.

“You guys are doing that to Davido and Wizkid, maybe when they start taking arms and killing themselves; you guys will be happy. You guys go deal with your sour, we have to move on, you should move on too,” he added.