How I Generated Electricity For My Village, 14-Year-Old Boy Reveals


A 14-year-old boy has received accolades after generating electricity from Biogas to light up several homes in Borana zone, Southern Ethiopia.

Adan Hussein Dida, a grade eight student in Tula Web primary school, revealed that he did the project to reduce the suffering of the villagers who lack basic amenities like roads, hospital and electricity.

Adan begun the project from his parent’s backyard where he decomposes animal waste inside a two-meter deep hole which enable him to generate enough electricity for eight houses.

He disclosed to newsmen that he charges each house a sum of $0.87 per month.

The locals who mainly depend on animals rearing for their survival, have been steep into poverty after bad weather which resulted into a serious water scarcity ravaged the region.

It was learnt that Adan family uses the money raised from his electricity project to support his education and their general survival.

Speaking about the project, Adan noted that he’s very proud of what he has achieved so far.

“I am very proud of what i have achieve so far, the locals welcomed the project and thanked me for saving them from the usage of battery and tourch lights. The children can now read from home instead of them to wait unitil the next day to do their housework”