Ikpeazu: I don’t drink at all


Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia, says he doesn’t drink at all, contrary to a statement by a serving senator describing him as a drunk.

Ikpeazu said at the launch of the autobiography of Sen. Eyinnaya Abaribe (PDP-Abia) “Made in Aba”, in Abuja on Monday that he doesn’t drink at all.

“Permit me to say that I don’t drink at all and I don’t begrudge those who drink.

“In other places or countries that have lesser problems, their leaders discuss issues of security, big issues of economic development, infrastructure development, they don’t talk about what people do and what they did not do,” he said.

Ikpeazu urged political leaders to serve as mentors to the younger generation, while holding political offices.

The governor who was Special Guest at the event, said leaders must in the course of leading, mentor youths who were the future leaders of the country.

“For us leaders, it is a calling. If you are called to lead, you are also called to be a mentor to the young ones and what you say, how you carry yourself and the things you say and the times you say them, speak a lot about how serious you are as a person.

“I share in the joy of this event because I understand the importance of history of a people and a nation.

“I am happy that we are trying in Nigeria now to return history into the curriculum of our secondary school system.

“Yes, if Abaribe fails to tell his story, by the time others tell the story, he will not be able to recognise himself anymore.

“The caption points to something and that is the tenacity and never dying spirit that Aba exhumes, represents and reflects and that encapsulates the personality of distinguished Sen. Eyinnaya Abaribe, “he said.