Is Love Meaningful Without Liberty?


Love is absolutely meaningless without freedom. To love someone is to love them without thinking you own them. I once had the mentality that, jealousy and possessiveness were signs of love but as time went on I realized that they were signs of ego.

I was in a relationship for five years where I was restricted. To be honest with you, it was really suffocating. It wasn’t easy because he explicitly told me that I can’t have male friends and also can’t take myself out for a treat or attend my secondary school get together party.

I obeyed him because I thought the possessive behaviour was normal in every relationship. But luckily, now I have a taste of what it’s like to have liberty in a relationship.

You might confuse the idea of liberty in love with cheating… “Cheating is you betraying someone’s trust”. I have come to understand that freedom is based on trust and the common vision you and your partner have.

I have come to realize that, I encouraged his behaviour in the past because he didn’t trust me and that was why he always restricted me. I actually don’t blame him at all because I was not brave enough to put a stop to his over bearing behaviour.

I have learnt that jealousy, restrictions and possessiveness are the destroyers of love and they have no place in a healthy relationship. True love will set you free. I know nobody is perfect and there is no perfect relationship but, there are people that you connect with at a higher level of your soul rather than through your minds.

Why do you think you bond immediately with someone you just met, having the feeling that you have known each other for a long time? Whether you admit it or not, we all seek our soul mate because it is the important part of our soul and our soul yearns to be mirrored with another soul.

Our thinking alone attracts what we wish for ourselves in life. Don’t ever stop believing in the existence of your soulmate and don’t stop searching until you find them.

Erase the thought that “you will never meet the right person” trust me on this. Once you can erase this thought then, life will be good .

My Motto is “Change your thinking, Change your life.