LG poll: El-Rufai loses polling unit to PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) defeated the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) at the polling unit where Governor Nasir El-Rufai cast his ballot in the Kaduna Local Government elections.

The polling Unit is located at Unguwar Sarki Ward in Kaduna North Local Government Area of the State.

According the the result, PDP got 86 votes while APC got 62 votes for the chairmanship election, while  PDP got 100 votes as against APC’s 53 in the councillorship.

The presiding Officer at the Unit Muhammad Sani announced the result at the the end of the election.

Moments after he cast his ballot, the governor had said: “We are not going to behave like other parties or other state government of the ruling party. We will allow the people of Kaduna State to elect who they want.
“We do not have to win everywhere, though we have worked for the people of Kaduna State, they have seen our foot print, the govt and the local government everywhere, they have seen and we are confident that all reasonable minded people will vote for our party, our candidate because they know we are committed to the welfare of the people.
“We don’t believe in cheating, we don’t believe in rigging election but also we don’t believe that other people should cheat us. And that is why we encouraged SIECOM to come up with a very improved system and I am impressed with the whole thing.”