Meet Man Who Resigned From Job To Fry Akara On Roadside


A Nigerian man identified as Francis Ukoh has resigned from his job to begin a personal business of frying Akara by the roadside.

The entrepreneur said he was working for his employer in a farm at Abeokuta and was paid the sum of N14,000 monthly but decided to resign because the money was not enough for him.

Ukoh proceeded to begin his Akara business which he set up at Ilesha, Osun state.

While speaking during an interview, Ukoh revealed that he used the proceeds from his Akara business to marry a wife.

His words: “I went to Abeokuta to do farm work. Dem dey pay me N14k per month. From there I dey eat, solve my problem from family out of it. At times, I will just drink garri to go and sleep. Later one of my guy call me from Ibadan. Na him say make I come join this business.”