Meet Nigerian Running For Mayor of London


A Nigerian pastor, Nims Obunge is running as an independent candidate for the London mayoral election scheduled for May 7, 2021.

Obunge is the Pastor at the Freedom’s Ark Church, in Tottenham, and Chief Executive of the Peace Alliance, which created London’s annual Week of Peace.

The London Mayoral candidate who wants to pastor the city isn’t a stranger to the world of politics and public service.

He will face the incumbent Mayor Sadiq Khan of the Labour party, Shaun Bailey of the Conservative Party, Siân Berry of the Green Party, Siobhan Benita of the Liberal Democrats among others.

According to Nims obunge, “I believe our city is now at a point where we can no longer leave our destiny in the hands of politicians alone. Neither do I believe one political party has the answer to the many challenges we face. A collaborative effort is the only way we can see our city thrive.

“To achieve this I have decided to run as a truly independent Mayoral candidate in May 2020. I will step up and work together with professionals and practitioners to make our city safe, affordable, electric and prosperous.”

Here are things to know about the British-Nigerian

  • He was born at St Mary Abbots Hospital in Kensington in 1965 with a record as the heaviest baby the hospital had ever had at the time – just under 12lbs.
  • He is the last born in a family of nine.
  • His mother and father are Nigerians. His father worked as a diplomat making him to live in many places.
  • Nims Obunge has served in different roles over the past 30 years across London working as a financial adviser, Pastor of Freedom’s Ark, CEO of The Peace Alliance, governor of an FE college, and a board member for different government agencies including the London Criminal Justice Partnership.
  • He was awarded MBE by the Queen of England in 2008 for services to community relations through the Peace Alliance.
  • As an independent candidate, Nims Obunge is funding his campaign through public donations, including Nims for London on Crowd Funder UK.
  • He loves playing table tennis with his kids.