Mohbad: Police establish evidence of threat to life, assault, others against Naira Marley, Sam Larry


The Nigeria Police Force have said that there are evidence linking 32-year-old Abdulazeez Fashola (Naira Marley) and 45-year-old Samson Eletu (Sam Larry) with cyberbullying, physical abuse, a threat to life, and assault against the late Oladimeji Ilerioluwa Aloba (Mohbad).

The duo alongside 37-year-old Ogedengbe Fisayo and 27-year-old Ayobami Sadiq were remanded by a Sabo-Yaba Chief Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday for alleged conspiracy and murder of Mohbad.

The Lagos State Police Commissioner, Idowu Owohunwa, who made this known while briefing the media about the ongoing investigation into the singer’s demise, said there are ample electronic and credible witness pieces of evidence linking Naira Marley and Sam Larry to cyberbullying, a threat to life, assault occasioning harm, and conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace against the deceased in his lifetime.

“While Naira Marley and Sam Larry denied allegations of criminal liability in the death of Mohbad and pleaded an alibi to justify their not being complicit in the incident that occurred between September 10 and 12, 2023, there are ample electronic and credible witness pieces of evidence linking them to cyberbullying, a threat to life, assault occasioning harm, and conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace against the deceased in his lifetime.”

The CP, who said the result of the autopsy and toxicology tests are being awaited, also noted that files concerning the investigation had been sent to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions for legal advice.

He said, “Although the result of the autopsy and toxicology tests are being awaited, substantial grounds have been covered well-enough by the Special Investigation Team to support the processing of the casefile to the Director of Public Prosecution.

“Consequently, the casefile is being duplicated and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for vetting and legal advice, the outcome of which could inform further investigative actions and prosecution.

“While re-assuring that the Command will sustain its firm determination to ensure justice in this case, I wish to assure that the members of the public will be availed of any further development in relation to the outcomes of the Autopsy and Toxicology Reports, DPP advice, feedback from NDLEA and any other development in the investigation into this case,” he said.

TheLeadng had earlier reported that the police named one Auxiliary nurse – Ms. Feyisayo Ogedengbe as the main suspect in the death of the artiste.

The CP noted that Ogedengbe, who was invited by Mohbad’s friend, Ayobami Sadiq (Spending) to manage the injury sustained from a fight with his childhood friend, Prime Boy, administered multiple and highly potent injections which triggered an immediate reaction that eventually caused the death of the artist.

He said: “Ayobami Sadiq (Spending) offered to call his own nurse, Ms Feyisayo Ogedengbe, to attend to Mohbad, a suggestion that he (Mohbad) consented to.

“When Ms Feyisayo was contacted at about 1430hrs on Monday 11th September 2023, she was also unavailable but promised to come the following day, being Tuesday, 12th September 2023.

“Ahead of her arrival, she requested that the picture of the swollen hand/injury area be snapped and forwarded to her for assessment and to guide on the medication to come along with.

“This was eventually done. At about 1435hrs on 12th September, 2023, Ms Feyisayo eventually arrived armed with 1 Pack of Ceftriaxone injection; 1 Vial Paracetamol injection, Tetanus Toxoid injection, 1 Vial Procaine Penicillin, 7 ampules of IM Diclofenac, Tincture Iodine, and Needles/Syringes.

“Ms Feyisayo administered the Tetanus Toxoid on the arm of Mohbad and gave both the Paracetamol and Ceftriaxone injections intravenously. Immediately after the Ceftriaxone injection was administered, Ms Feyisayo confirmed that Mohbad started vomiting while goose bumps appeared on the face and all over his body.

“At this point, it dawned on Ms Feyisayo that Mohbad was reacting to the administered medication. She consequently ran out to procure hydrol and nisaline infusion.

“While at the Pharmacy in the locality, she got a call that Mohbad had started convulsing.

Eventually, Cynthia Omoduni Adebanjo, Aduragbemi Shedrack Aloba, Olarewaju Idris Adedoja, Ayinde Habib Idowu Damola, Aderinto Fawas Ademola, and Ms. Feyisayo rushed him to the hospital in the vehicle of Engr. Chinaka Jesse, their neighbour.

“Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on arrival at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki. Not convinced, the team moved his body to Perez Hospital, Lekki where his death was re-certified.

“A death certificate was later issued by Cura-Med hospital. Mohbad’s father who had earlier been contacted, came to the Late Mohbad’s house and after a short meeting, resolved to move the body to Ikorodu for burial, which was done the following day, 13th September 2023 at about 1400hrs.

“Feyisayo Ogedengbe is not a qualified registered nurse, and her illegal and medical negligence are believed to have been directly responsible for the chain reactions and eventual death of Mohbad at 1543hrs on 12th September, 2023.

“The time within which Auxiliary Nurse Ogedengbe administered the injections on Mohbad, through his reaction, convulsion and his eventual death is confirmed to be within less than an hour covering from 1440hrs when the principal suspect administered the sets of injections and 1543hrs when Mohbad was confirmed dead at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki.

“Aside from her admittance to the consequences of her actions, the Report of the Medical Panel that reviewed Auxiliary Nurse Feyisayo’s actions concluded that she went beyond her limitations as an auxiliary nurse by administering IV Ceftriaxone on the deceased and that this from their review, was the most likely cause of the anaphylactic reaction which could have been promptly resolved and his death possibly prevented if the deceased was treated in the hospital.”