More Imams Must Criticise Buhari – Sheik Khalid Blows Hot Again


The founder of Islamic Research and Da’awah Foundation, Sheik Nuru Khalid, has said very few Imams have the gut to speak on the dire situation in the country.

The cleric said this when he appeared on a Trust TV programme, Daily Politics, on Wednesday.

Khalid, who was the Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Central Mosque, Abuja, was suspended and later sacked by the mosque’s committee, after he criticised the Buhari administration in one of his sermons.

Imam urged clerics to speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

“Very few imams speak on the ugly situation in the country. And this is the right time to speak up. If you are an Imam, don’t be afraid. Speak the truth and let them take their mosque.”

Sheikh Nuru Khalid said he first learnt about his suspension in the media.

He stated, “It was a one-man show, as no committee sat before the said suspension. If they wanted me to go, they should have approached me in person and I would have gladly have left. I’ve nothing to lose.”

The cleric said the mosque was not owned by the government as it was established by a Muslim committee in the legislative quarters.

However, the imam accused Senator DanSadau of using the pulpit of the mosque to defend the present administration.

He added, “I was in Jos when the congregation booed DanSadau because of his continued habit of defending the government. This is the man who criticised other governments on the same pulpit.”