‘Nemesis will catch up with you’, Tacha knocks on cyberbullies


Ex-Big Brother Naija 2019 housemate, Natacha Akide a.k.a Tacha has raised concern over the constant cyber bulling targeted at her person.

The reality TV star, took to her Twitter @Symply_Tacha on Wednesday to call out some twitter handles for constantly trolling her.

She tweeted: ‘‘be kind with your words!!! Depression is REAL.

“You go around wishing death on people, people struggling through life, People bottling themselves up!

“People only trying to survive, people who just want a better life for themselves! all for a SHOW! A show you don’t make coins from! May NEMESIS CATCH UP WITH YOU!.

“We went through a tough 2020! It’s alarming how lessons weren’t learnt.

“You turn to real-life Devils to prove how much you hate, you lose your sense of reasoning, you lose your conscience! All for a SHOW?! Tell me, How much do you get paid to be this inhuman?? I’ll double it.” she added.

Tacha was disqualified from the show after earning three strikes during her stay in the Big Brother house.

Her disqualification was met with mixed reactions as viewers shared their various opinions and sentiments.