Nigerian youths 90% close to their dream country—- Rhodes-Vivour


The Lagos State Labour Party (LP) Governorship Candidate, Mr Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, says Nigerian youths are 90 per cent close to taking over governance and having their dream country materialise.

The 40-year-old LP candidate disclosed this at a meeting tagged: “Youth O’ Clock” in Ikeja on Thursday.

He said: “We know that the goal and what we are going through is far bigger than I and any of us.

“It is a project that will lift the lives of millions of Lagosians up and in turn lift the lives of many Nigerians up. It is project to free Lagos from the shackle hold of tyranny.

“A Lagos State where the inner roads will work, where our people will have quality healthcare, water, quality public education, not one where parents keep struggling trying to find how to pay school fees for their children to go to private school.”

Rhodes-Vivour assured of a very bright future .

“We are already 90 per cent there. We need to bring this thing home. I want you to understand that the moment we take Lagos, this fire of a new type of politics will engulf Nigeria.

“You start to find politicians that mean well for the people, that can articulate their vision and positive about change.

“No more status quo, we are changing the narrative to have a new Lagos and a new Nigeria. We will set a new standard,” Rhodes-Vivour said.

Hailing Nigerian youths for voting the LP’s Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi and his running mate Dr Datti Baba-Ahmed in Feb. 25 Presidential election, he said that Obi and LP were all about empathy and compassion on the suffering of the people.

Expressing confidence that Obi and Baba-Ahmed would retrieve their alleged mandate, Rhodes-Vivour said that he was disappointed by INEC’s inability to transmit polling units results electronically on Feb. 25 as promised, alleging that LP votes were stolen in thousands.

He said that young people came out, stood their ground and showed that they were the ones with the power to put people in and take people out during Feb. 25 elections, saying “That was the powerful thing to see in Nigeria because we have not seen it in so long.

The candidate said that the youths would resist all forms of intimidation or harassment like never seen before in the forthcoming elections.

“They (old politicians) do not understand the energy that is doing this thing. This is energy that you cannot buy, this is energy spur by hope, belief and love,” he added.

He urged the youth to be in charge in the forthcoming March 18 Governorship and House of Assembly elections, saying that the party was making arrangements for solid security for voters.

“The first time I saw the energy in the youth was on Oct. 1, when we had that rally, and I saw human beings mobilising without be mobilised.

“I knew that there is something that has changed. The people have finally woken up and decided that it is their time and we have showed them,” he said.

Reiterating that all propaganda against him were baseless and laughable, adding that the postponement of the poll by INEC would increase the margin of defeats of other parties by LP.

Also speaking, Pastor Dayo Ekong, the LP Chairperson in Lagos State, commended the youth for the proof of their strength during the Presidential and National Assembly polls in Lagos and Nigeria.

Ekong said that the youth in Nigeria had proven that they were able, by showing determination in the face of threats and harassment, without giving up.

According to her, the LP movement is to rescue Nigeria from the reign of tyranny, “We started this race, we are too close to the end of the race”.

The chairperson lamented over series of threats and attacks waves of propaganda against the candidate of the LP ahead of the contest.

She said: “We are not giving up. We started this journey, and we will be successful and victorious come March 18,no matter what.

“I have been threatened but I believe in this cause because this is the right cause.

“This is the time for change. This is the time for us all to come together and rescue Lagos and it is definitely happening come March 18.

“Nothing is stopping us. No fear, no panic, no oppression and no frustration. Whether there is money or not, God will see us through.

“So, be strong. Continue to be resilient and focused because we are taking over and the new dawn in Nigeria will emerge,” she said.