Nothing Like Money Rituals – Nigerian Police


The Nigerian Police Force has stated that there is no such thing as money rituals.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, said this while speaking with newsmen at the Ogun State police headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta.

He said money could not come through the killings of human beings.

Oyeyemi said: “It is becoming worrisome, the rate at which some disgruntled elements are killing their fellow human beings for money-making rituals. It is something that all well-meaning Nigerians should have to put all hands on deck to checkmate.

“This is the height of man’s inhumanity to man. It is the superlative degree of animalistic behaviour. There is nothing like money-making ritual. It is barbaric, it is despicable and it is not acceptable.”

He urged parents to advise their children against involving themselves in such barbaric activities while also maintaining that the law would catch up with those perpetrating the evil irrespective of where they hide.