Parents differ on introduction of sex education in school curriculum


Some parents in Lagos have expressed divergent views on the call for the introduction of sex education into decondary school’s curriculum against the backdrop of recent rise in cases of child abuse and molestation.

In separate interviews the parents expressed doubts that teaching of sex education in schools would reduce cases of abuse in minors.

Mr Dubem Anagbado, a Sales Executive at May and Baker and a father of three, said depending on the curriculum, sex education could be taught in schools.

“Sex education could be taught in schools depending on its content; if it’s based on children being free to express their sexual orientation, I don’t support that.

“However, if it’s to explain to the children about their body parts and how and when it should be used to avoid any consequence, I support that.”

According to Dubem, the family has that basic responsibility of communicating sex education better to the children.

Abimbola Egbinola, an artisan and mother of three, said that sex education should be taught in schools to educate the children about sex predators and their tactics.

“What is happening in our society is scary. Children are being misled, they need to know what sex is all about and its consequences. Sex education must be taught in schools.

“I try my best to educate my children, and added to what the school teaches them, children should understand how serious it is so they won’t be victims,” she said.

Mr Ignatius Onadi, an electrician and father of five, said that sex education is not needed because children already know what adults are even ignorant of.

“Children of this generation know and can do what their parents don’t do, so what is the need of educating them, when they already have wide knowledge of sex.

“We tend to pretend a lot. What we can do is to pray for them,” he said.

However, Mrs Anita Onuorah, a tailor and a mother of four, said that sex education is an important aspect of education.

“Our moral values are decaying and our children are becoming useless every passing day, do we need someone to tell us that we need to reorient our children and youths?

“Sex education is only a small part of education but it is paramount, sometimes, I hear different stories from my children when they come back from school. We need to change their mindset.

“Rape is a lack of sexual choice, a child lacks the ability to make a choice concerning her sexuality due to age. Consequently, any choice or consent given by a child is unacceptable,” she said.

Mrs Idorenyin Jewel, a Head Teacher at the Kings Kid School, said that joint efforts from parents and teachers would go a long way in educating young impressionable children.

“The fact that sexual abuse is a regrettable reality in our society and the incidence is on the increase, wrecking havoc on the psyche and well-being of our kids and adolescent, it is important that parents and teachers teach sex education.

“This will provide adequate information about bodily development, sex, sexuality, and healthy relationships as our kids grow up to adolescence.

“The world has gone computerised and most children are exposed to technology, we should not shy away from sexual education and counseling,” she said.