Party Delegate Flaunts Luxury Car After Primary Elections


An alleged party delegates identified as Chief Agworo has sparked reactions on social media after flaunting his multi- million brand new car he acquired after several party primaries.

In the video that surfaced on social media captured the moment well-wishers hailed and cheered Aqworo who was visibly looking happy as he received the hearty cheers from youths who were present.

Naija News understands that the video comes shortly after the presidential primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, where it was alleged delegates received thousands of dollars in exchange for their votes.

The top presidential aspirant, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike were accused of being the proponent of a corruption-ridden primary election.

This recent video has now triggered a lot of questions from social media users.

The caption on the video reads:

“Congratulations Chief Agworo… Delegate Sweet.”

Some of the reactions stirred below;

ms_teeee13 wrote; ”See them!! Another 8years suffering for the idi$ts shouting “delegate” over a 2007 Toyota. Poverty at it’s peek. Awon oponu”

queenyibe wrote; ‘Reminds me of how esau mortgaged his birthright to Jacob over a pot of porridge.”

msverachidera wrote; ”Illiterates, stark Illiterates are our parties delegates. I learned of this yesterday and I can’t comprehend it all yet. I was told some of these delegates are primitive, do not even understand the consequences of the money they are collecting and the mind games the politicians play on them.”

gallery_extremes wrote; ”Atiku dolled out 50k per delegate”

enechelsea wrote; ‘‘Hmmm. No wonder these politicians embezzle everything in their sight when they win”
anichukwuchristie wrote; ”Na only me you do? Your generation dey in line too.

funmilolar2 wrote; ”Who always wrap up all these over 1 decade cars??? Even pre used 2022 car no follow nylon come.”