Security chiefs benefiting from insecurity- Rep


A lawmaker, Fatuhu Mohammed, alleged that those in charge of the security outfits in the country were benefitting from the crises.

He also stated that while Buhari, as the President of Nigeria, should be held responsible, “we have to look at our structural problem.”

Mohammed, while calling for better oversight by the National Assembly, stated, “When it is appropriation period, we don’t take things very seriously.”

He added, “These people will come and present their budgets and move on and we give money to them. There is no oversight. How do you expect us to checkmate them?”

The lawmaker alleged, “It is business. They know there is no military coup. The only way they can make money is through this. How will they want the security issues to end? I don’t understand what is happening in this country.”

Commenting, Chairman of the House Committee on Police Affairs, Usman Kumo, on his part called for the removal of the NSA and the defence minister.

He stated, “If the President means well for this country, and if we are really trying to look for a solution, he has to immediately sack the National Security Adviser. Two, he has to remove his Minister of Defence.”

The Presidency on Wednesday in Abuja said calls for the resignation of the President would not solve the security problems facing the country.