Soldiers Dare Shekau, Take Over Farm In Borno


Soldiers have taken over a farmland said to be owned by Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram sect.

According to a video trending on social media, the land is situated inside Sambisa forest, a stronghold of the sect in Borno State.

Sounds of gunshots went into the air as the soldiers marched on the farmland, daring the insurgent leader to challenge them.

“Shekau where are you? See us on Shekau’s farm inside Sambisa. Shekau king of noise-making where are you? Come out now and see if we will not waste you.

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“This is Shekau’s farm inside Sambisa. Villagers take as much of the products as you can after all it is yours.

“Shekau see us in your farm we are going to have our Juma’at prayers on your farm,” one of the troops said.

The date when the video was shot is unknown but it has been widely circulated online.