Why we’re happy despite Super Eagles’ loss to Ghana: Food Vendors


One man’s meat is another man’s poison, so goes the expression which can best capture part of the mood after Tuesday’s disappointing failure of the Super Eagles in Abuja.

Food vendors at the filled-beyond-capacity Moshood Abiola National Stadium were full of smiles even after most of their customers left for home disappointed.

The return leg match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup playoff fixture between Nigeria and Ghana ended in disappointment after the home side drew 1-1, which meant they failed to qualify.

before then, with spectators having stormed the stadium as early as 8:00 a.m. to get good positions, the sale of food had been a big business.

While the spectators were leaving with dissatisfaction, the food vendors were heading home with satisfaction.

A cross-section of the food vendors stated that they made considerable gains despite the day’s unhappy ending for the Super Eagles and the nation.

Florence Okorodudu, a food seller popular with regulars at the stadium, said she had no reason to complain even though she was unhappy the Super Eagles did not qualify for the World Cup.

“I sold rice with stew, as well as swallowable items such as ‘semovita, akpu and garri’ with soups made from melon, vegetables, okra, as well as meat or fish, and a place went for N1,000,” she explained. “I also brought drinks in excess, thinking that after our victory, our guys will come and celebrate till daybreak.”

She stressed that she made “some good sales before and during” the match, but the only drawback was that “our place became empty immediately after the match because they (the customers) all headed to their various homes after the match.”

Aisha Amadu, who sells drinks, said she was happy she sold all her goods.

“I came here with 50 bags of pure water, 10 packs of bottled water, plastic bottles of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. I was selling a sachet of pure water at N20, a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola at N250, and bottled water was N200, and this was from morning till before the match. I sold everything,” said Ms Amadu.

She added that “after seeing the huge crowd, I had to ask my brother to bring more water and drinks even before I finished selling the first batch.”

Minutes before the match, she disclosed, “I started selling a sachet of pure water at N50, and bottled water at N250 and the drinks at N300. I really thank God for a day like this.”