Zahra Buhari’s Sister-in-law, Fatima Indimi Lambasts FG Over Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack


Fatima Amma Indimi, whose brother is married to President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Zahra, and who is daughter of Maiduguri billionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, has called on the Nigerian government to secure the North and rescue the kidnapped Abuja-Kaduna train passengers.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, April 18, the entrepreneur described the train attack which claimed more than eight lives and left 26 other travellers injured, as heartbreaking, embarrassing and barbaric.

“I’m scared of opening this app. Terror after terror. The fact that I tried to stay away from Instagram for the purpose of cleansing and bettering myself this Ramadan and found myself continuously engaging in mindless scrolling…then to realise that what will keep me away is seeing cruel, inhuman and barbaric behaviour back to back is alarming,” she wrote.

“It’s heartbreaking, disheartening. It’s a shame. It’s embarrassing. It’s saddening. I am shaking. My heart cannot take it. If this is how I feel, I can’t begin to fathom what the families that are deeply affected; are going through.

“It’s truly a shame that there’s nothing to do but pray…because regardless, prayer was going to be at the forefront. But that seemingly being the only solution is what breaks my heart.”

The train attack occurred on March 28, leaving at least seven people dead and over 100 unaccounted for.

Recall last Tuesday how the families had issued a 72-hour ultimatum to ensure the release of their loved ones.

Some of the family members claimed they had spoken to the bandits. They claimed the bandits did not make any specific demands.

“The NRC should not be talking about restarting their services now when our people are in captive because what is the assurance that if they start services now that people that will be board the train are safe; what measure (s) have they put in place to guarantee the security of those that are going to patronise their services. We don’t want the re-occurrence of this.

“The first thing should be to get the captives out and then they can put adequate measures in place and resume service so that this does not happen again in the future,” one of the affected families had spoken in a joint statement.