#ENDSARS: Adamu Garba apologises, withdraws $1bn lawsuit against Twitter CEO


Former APC Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba II, who withdrew his $1bn lawsuit against the CEO of Twitter  Jack Dorsey on Tuesday, said that his action was in the interest of Nigerians.

He also apologized to Nigerians over his position during the last #EndSARS protest, saying he was misunderstood when he said Northerners would not participate in the protest.

Adamu who has withdrawn his $1bn suit against the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he was only concerned about the nation’s internal security when he made the statement.

He said: “My case with Jack Dorsey was an effort to try to prevent Nigeria from getting foreign interference; all those kind of international actors coming in the name of human rights to cause havoc, so that you internally, can self-destruct, for their profitability and plunder.

“Most of them profit from our own instability and disunity. So what I did was to quickly hang a court case on his neck. Most of these publicly listed companies, especially the CEOs of those companies, the only thing they are afraid of is legal cases.

“Once you hang a legal case on their head, they know that their chances of getting through with their stewardship position is threatened. And that is why, if you noticed, as soon as that happened, he stopped tweeting about soliciting for the nation to continue to sustain the protest.

“To the best of my knowledge, that is a very big win to stopping him from playing the script they played in Egypt, in Syria, and in Libya.

“So to the best of my knowledge, we have won in this case, to have stopped him from interfering in our local politics, and therefore it is time for us to call off the case from court.

“I have written to my lawyers to look at the possibility of withdrawing the notice of the case from court, so we can continue to watch and monitor him.”