Getting signed to YBNL was ‘a very stressful journey’ — Temmy Ovwasa


Self confessed queer artist, Temmy Ovwasa popularly knows as YBNL princess has not ceased to fuel suspicion of the fall out between her and her label boss, Olamide.

She indirectly shaded the famous record label in a tweet she posted yesterday.

“I have no regrets but getting signed to YBNL will always stress me the fuck out, exposed my beautiful self to a bunch of unintelligent fanatical sheep, “fans” incapable of original thought, it disgusts me that they even know my name.

“I’ll literally be minding my business and the next thing , Kunle from ojuelegba is in my mentions reminding me that I’m a failure because I did not make music he can comprehend.

“Psychopathic victims of a violent system, hell bent on maintaining the cycle. Ughhh,” she said.

This will be the second time the controversial Artist will be calling out the record label since the turn of the new year, as she has previously accused the label of not doing enough to promote her music.