Getting your wife Ready For Great S3x


A woman enjoys s3x as much as a man if she is put in the right mode for s3x. Many men complaining about their wives not responding adequately to s3x are not getting things right with their wives in bed. These men usually don’t know how to make the wives enjoy s3x,as much as they do.

A woman cannot enjoy s3x as much as her husband does, until the husband is able to get her in a horny mood. This is necessary because of the body make-up of both man and woman. While the body make-up of a man allows for spontaneous s3x, without prior notice, making to be like an helicopter, it is not so for a woman, whose body make- up is like an aeroplane, needing taxi before taking off. That makes it necessary for a woman to be prepared, or set in motion for s3x, if she will enjoy it, and not endure it, like many of them do.

If a woman will enter the s3x mode, it is not just about penetration. There’s so much more to the act if it will be more pleasurable and hot.

Getting her into the right mode for s3x requires the following basics. They work like magic on any normal woman. It’s the secret for s3x escapades with your wife.

Adequate foreplay

Many men just want to get straight to the hammering act right away, once they lay hold of their wives.  But nothing can be more wrong than that. Nothing pleases a woman better than a man making the efforts to take her to cloud 9, with a great foreplay.

This requires that you arouse your woman skillfully by kissing her erogenous zones like the back, neck, lips, earlobes, etc. Stylishly undressing her bit by bit,  as you lure  her with kisses, love bites and amorous touches, are ways of putting her in the mood for orgasm. As things get hot and expanded go for the kill,  and  you will be well appreciated by her, for a job well done.

Clitoris treatment

A woman’s vagina isn’t the major organ that can lead to an orgasm, many men fail to pay attention to the clitoris- the tiny bean-like organ- which is so sensitive that it can give your wife a pleasurable orgasm without any penetration.

Clitoris has thousands of nerve endings that make it so sensitive. Simply use your fingers to stimulate it and see your woman moan with ecstasy will produce pleasure even for yourself. Learning to skillfully arouse your woman for a clitoral orgasm is a sure banker for enjoying great s3x with your wife.

Finger treatment for orgasm

Penetration by penis is not the only way to please your wife. Your fingers can do a lot more than you think when it comes to s3xual satisfaction. Skillfully deploring your fingers in the act of s3x is a great teaser for s3x.

Fingering  helps prepare your woman for s3x and even lubricate her vagina naturally. Many women find s3x painful when not well lubricated, and this can be avoided  if you can finger her before penetration, to get her wet.

Be skillful with it, starting with one finger,  and then increase the number with time. Once she reaches arousal, get set to blow her away with great s3x. The only snag about it is if your nails are not well trimmed. It could cause injury to the area, thus  resulting in a turn off, instead of a turn on.

S3x Talk and compliments

A woman is put in the s3x mood as you talk about s3x with her. You set the right mode for her as you make reference to s3xual acts. You can view a romantic film together, or tell her some sort of romantic story or incidents. It’s a signal for her that you may be up to something with in bed.

Nothing boosts one’s confidence like a genuine compliment about her body features: figure, boobs, etc  Appreciate her for her  kissing prowess. This will not only make her happy but she will grin from ear to ear.

Cuddling and loving touches are quite needful to make sure that your wife is turned on for s3x. So, be generous with such whenever you are with her.

Don’t forget that being at peace with your wife also plays a great role in making her relaxed with you. So, learn how to make your marriage highly stress free to put her in a right frame of mind. Avoid pressure of finance, and constantly arguing with her.  It makes getting into the act of s3x, an difficult task.

The point here is that a woman needs to be put in the right frame of mind before there can be mutual s3x enjoyment between her and her husband. Deploring such skills as stated above is a way to achieve s3x mood turn on for her .

This article was first published on Nigerian Tribune