How my marriage almost killed me – Onyeka Onwenu


Veteran musician, Onyeka Onwenu, has disclosed some personal information about her private life during a recent interview

Onyeka further said she is not an advocate of divorce but sent a strong message to men who refuse to take care of their homes.

Onyeka, during a recent interview with Kikelomo Atanda-Owo talked about her personal life and why she divorced her husband.

When Onyeka was asked about when a woman should draw the line between the love for their spouses, life of their children, and endurance of their sanity, she said:
“I went through It, was difficult, I really don’t want my marriage to end but I could take it anymore, it could have killed me that is the truth.

“It is not good for the children to be in such an environment where the mother is depressed I raised my children from kindergarten to masters degree level.

She further disclosed that her ex-husband did not pay school fees for one day or buy clothes for the kids or even take them for holidays but he is a generous man in public.

Onyeka further sent a message to men like her ex-husband:

“Anyman who has children, has family and decides not taking care of them, you have questions to answer from God, that means you are irresponsible.

” The singer further said she felt relieved by opening up and a lot of women appreciated it because some of them are facing similar situations.

She finally explained that she is not an advocate of divorce but whoever is going for it should do it peacefully.