I want to be someone’s wife, says 70-year-old virgin


A woman named Genevieve, who has never had any intimate affair with anyone, said she want to be someone’s wife too at the age of 70.

This wasn’t a decision she took by choice; she is only a victim of circumstance.

Genevieve suffers a health challenge that forces her to crawl as she cannot use her legs; she has never walked before.

She has never had a boyfriend or proper education.

Speaking exclusively with Afrimax, the physically challenged woman said she was born like an average child in 1952.

However, her parents would notice that their child found it difficult to walk and continued to crawl. They had thought the situation would change as she grew but that never became the case.

Genevieve was said to have been infected as a child, which affected her legs, making the woman a liability for her parents.

Genevieve’s parents didn’t send her to school because they couldn’t afford a wheelchair and could not be carrying her every day to and fro.

Apart from not being able to acquire education, her condition meant she couldn’t get a boyfriend. Genevieve’s neighbours came to her rescue The 70-year-old was all alone after the demise of her parents and would have died if not for her neighbours.

According to Genevieve, her condition made it difficult for her to make ends meet or leave the house. The woman added that her neighbours, though not well to do, resorted to giving her food but this doesn’t come often.


She hilariously told the interviewer that she wants a 21-year-old man and wants to be someone’s wife too.