IWD2021: Leadership qualities Men must learn from Women


International Women’s Day is marked every March 8th  to highlight the focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

It ranges from being a public holiday in some countries to being largely ignored elsewhere. In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it is a day that celebrates womanhood.

Women in different industries who hold top positions are celebrated for doing exceptionally well with traits unique to womanhood.

Hence, society would be better served by more male leaders trying to emulate women with these traits.

According to a 2016 Human Physiology study, women are generally better at doing more than one thing at a time, while men excel at focusing on one project at a time.

As you encounter more women in leadership positions, you may marvel at how effortlessly they’re able to juggle several tasks at once.


Empathy is also an important quality of an effective leader AS Men can learn a lot about how to do this effectively by watching and emulating women.

A research analyzed the behavior of more than 15,000 leaders over the course of a decade and determined that those who communicate with empathy outperform others who don’t.  but also specifically in coaching, engaging others, planning, organizing and decision-making.


Men are generally more self-focused than women, they are more likely to lead in a narcissistic and selfish way.

If the average male leader wants to improve their performance, they would do well to adopt a less self-centred style of leadership.


Humility is fundamentally a feminine trait. It is also one that is essential to being a great leader. Without humility, it will be very hard for anyone in charge to acknowledge their mistakes, learn from experience, take into account other people’s perspectives, and be willing to change and get.