Kashy Godson: Fear as Ghana Police arrest Ayinde Barrister’s son, Barryjhay


Popular Nigerian singer, Barry Jhay (Oluwakayode Junior Balogun) has been arrested in Ghana over the death of his Label Boss, Kashy Godson (Babatunde Oyerinde Abiodun).

Reports earlier suggested he committed suicide by jumping off his balcony due to his struggle with depression. However a video that surfaced online yesterday may prove otherwise as Barryjhay was making a video of himself bleeding from his lips while accusing Kashy of beating him up and chasing him out of the house.

This video has sparked a wide suspicion of Barryjhay involvement in the death of his boss, as different social media users shared their opinions. A twitter user @simply_donald said “Barry Jhay is about to fight the fight of his life. He’s a prime suspect already. I feel so sorry for him rn. Nigeria police won’t take this one lightly💔💔💔”,

@pengmanmodel said “They’ve arrested Barry Jhay in connection to the death of his record label boss.

Nobody knows exactly what happened.

But this is most likely related to cultism which I talked about earlier this week.

Make dem no dey bring this thing enter music industry, e no go end well.” an Instagram user @nelsonmakecash said, “Barryjhay knows about kashy death his so rich he can’t jump Na lie they push him from behind Rip😭Kashy”.


The singer’s father is Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. He coined his stage name, Barry Jhay, from his father’s name. Barry Jhay simply stands for Barrister Junior.

Ayinde Barrister was a Yoruba singer/songwriter and music performer. He is regarded as the pioneer of Fuji and Wéré music. After his first break into music in 1965, Ayinde Barrister went on to release over 70 studio albums.

A national award recipient, Barrister died on December 16, 2010.