Keeping sugar daddies as stress relievers 100% right — Chilly B


Instagram sensation and rapper, Chichi Amadi Moses, popularly known as Chilly B, has said that keeping a sugar daddy is 100 percent right.

“I am going to be very blunt here; if you don’t respect yourself as a married man,whatever you see you take. As a young struggling girl, you approach me for a relationship, my dear you must be ready to sort my bills,travels and all that concerns me. If you are not ready, you can leave. So keeping sugar daddies isn’t a bad idea. They are stress relievers,” she said in a chat

“ Sugar daddy means comfort, money, lud lifestyle and like I said earlier, travels to places you wouldn’t dare or afford, they would pay. It is 100% right to keep a sugar daddy,” she added with pride.

Chilly B also talked about her curvy shape and flaunting it relentlessly on Instagram.

“Being curvy has been a blessing to my career and my general life. Though sad people always want to drop negative comments, I know deep down they wish they have my kind of body. No one bothers If I have not eaten today. If they don’t bother, trust me their opinions doesn’t bother me. I am a lioness and I fear no one. I will continue to do what makes me happy till you don’t have a choice than to like me. It has happens a lot of times,” she said.