U.S. funds research on garri production


The United States on Wednesday said it has started funding research on garri (cassava crisps) production to support nutritional improvement in West Africa.

PlatinumPost learns that the innovative research would lead to a scientific breakthrough to reduce iron deficiency anemia and protein-energy malnutrition.

United States diplomatic mission in Nigeria announced the development in a late-afternoon tweet.

The tweet reads, “U.S. Department of Agriculture and the American Soybean Association are supporting West African researchers to commercialize using soy flour in processing garri – undoubtedly Nigeria’s most popular staple food.”

Researchers have tied lung function abnormalities to the constant production of garri. A study has revealed that lung function abnormalities among Nigerians are common among garri processing workers.

However, nutritionists in peer review journals said nutritional value of cassava are reduced during processing as vitamins and minerals are destroyed in the process.