Christians can now refer to God as Allah – Court rules


A High Court in Malaysia has ruled that non Muslims are able to refer to God as “Allah.” The judgement comes after a long legal battle.

Lawrence Bill, a Christian has approached the court after her religious tools were confisticated because she mentioned the word “Allah”.

Ms. Bill’s compact discs were seized at the airport by Malaysian authorities in 2008 because they found the recordings titled “Allah”

On Wednesday, Justice Nor Bee ruled that the word “Allah” and three other Arabic words “Kaabah” which means “Islam’s holiest shrine in Mecca” “Baitullah” which means “house of God” and “Solat” which means “prayer” could be used by Christians.

Although in 2009, a lower court ruled that the non-Muslims cannot refer to God as Allah, Justice Nor Bee referred to the directive that banned the use of the four words as “illegal and unconstitutional.”

“The freedom to profess and practice one’s religion should include the right to own religious materials,” she added.

Malaysia comprises both Christians and Muslims. Though there are very large Christian communities, two-third of Malaysia are made up of Muslims.

Non-Muslims using the word “Allah” has caused crises in the past.