Take your health seriously, Don tells religious leaders


Prof. Folu Ologe, an Otolaryngology expert at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, has advised religious leaders and Ministers to always check their status.

Ologe gave the advice while speaking on: ‘The Minister and his health”, at the 2021 Annual Conference of the Church Leaders and Ministers Fellowship of Nigeria in Ilorin on Wednesday.

He said that ministry effectiveness was limited by poor health, adding that medical practice is not at variance with faith healing.

“It is a partner in progress. While we benefit from medical care, we should seek and develop access to the ultimate divine health policy which covers all diseases all the time,” he said.

The don said that the work of a minister may put him under stress, mental or emotional strain which are resultant effects of adverse or demanding circumstances.

He said some of the health challenges ministers faced were anxiety, depression, sleep and sex disorders, hypertension, peptic ulcer, diabetes and dietary disorders, among others.

The expert said that ministers were not special breeds, noting that they also faced health challenges as the general population, especially hereditary diseases, acquired diseases, accidents, infections and diseases associated with the various organs of the body.

He said that healing by faith and healing through medical care were both divine healing from God, adding that it is He who gives the knowledge to health practitioners.

“The mental health of a minister is a very important subject. Also the average minister preaches and teaches a lot, so he can have complaints about voice abuse or hoarseness.

“This is also experienced by teachers, traders, politicians, singers and mother’s of stubborn children.

“Medical care has kept many people alive and well while they develop the faith to access divine health and healing without medicine.

“Prevention, early detection, regular health screening, early treatment, persistent treatment and follow up visits to health facilities are principles of handling health challenges,” he said.

Ologe however warned that relying on medical care alone was a grave mistake.

He expressed concern over the increasing dependence on medicines and traditionally concocted remedies, adding that it has led to increase in drug abuse.

He charged ministers and religious leaders on devoting time, resources and efforts that medical care required of them to spiritual care to get more results.

The Church Leaders and Ministers Fellowship of Nigeria on Wednesday began a 3-day annual conference